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Small underground petroleum tank integrity has become a major concern for residential property owners, real estate brokers, insurance companies and fuel providers. Preferred Tank Services offers the following, minimally intrusive tests to determine the status of the tank:

All testing is performed in accordance with state law, manufacturer guidelines and after proper markouts are acquired.

A report reviewing the assessment process and results will be mailed via mail. It can be delivered electronically at the request of the customer.


The Integrity Test performed by Preferred Tank Services utilizes the Estabrook's Leak Locator Plus™ technology to reliably discern failures of the tank itself, from piping or fittings in need of repair.

During the integrity test, the vessel is subjected to a negative pressure (vacuum) in excess of the weight of the oil in the tank. After a stabilization period, vacuum degradation is monitored. A highly sensitive microphone set within the vessel is used to identify "leak" signatures. The tank and all the attached piping are subject to the integrity test. Also during the inspection, modifications can be made if leakage through the lines is suspected so as to be further able to identify the potential problem.

All test data is logged on site and validated by review of senior technician prior to report issuance.


The Soil Borings Test assessment is designed to identify residential USTs which are suspected of discharge or which fall into a category of higher risk of failure. This is accomplished primarily by screening the area surrounding the tank for the presence of fuel oil in the soil.

Two-three (2-3) soil borings will be advanced to and screened to identify the presence of any contaminants in the soil. A sample will then be chosen for submittal to a state certified labratory for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPHC) analysis. Electronic draft results are provided to Preferred Tank Services in approximately ten (10) business days. A finalized hard copy is provided three (3) weeks after submittal.


Potential buyers or sellers of a property do not always have tank documentation of their subject property. For the ease of mind in these transactions, Preferred Tank Services can search the property for any signs of underground or aboveground storage tanks. We use a magnometer to detect the location and general size of underground storage tanks.


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