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Whether you want to abandon or remove your storage tank, Preferred Tank Services can assist you. We are experts in both removals and abandonments but do recommend the removal of tanks as they may become a hinderance in future property transactions.


Prior to a removal of either an underground storage tank (UST) or an aboveground storage tank (AST), permits from the local building department must be issued. Preferred Tank has thorough knowledge of application procedures and inspection requirements, and is ready to apply for these permits within 24-hours of your acceptance of work. Once the permits have been issued by the city/town, Preferred Tank can begin the scheduling process.

For an AST removal, Preferred Tank can schedule this almost immediately. This process is done by hand and no excavating machinery is required. The tank contents will be removed by a Vacuum truck and the tank will be cleaned to bare steel. In order to remove the tank from a basement, it may have to be cut in two or three pieces. Once we have been given the approval by the local inspector, the tank and associated piping will be removed from the site.

For a UST removal Preferred Tank can schedule this once permits and valid markouts are obtained. Markouts are called into New Jersey One Call to help our technicians identify were underground utilities are located. Either flags or spray painted lines may appear on your property to help guide us as we dig. A backhoe or excavator is utilized in this process. The tanks overburden is removed to expose the top of the tank. Our technicians carefully cut open a hole in the top of the UST and expose the tanks interior. A Vacuum truck removes the product and a technician will enter the tank and squeegee it to bare steel. The tank is then lifted from the excavation and upon approval from the local inspector, the tank will be removed from the site and the hole will be backfilled to grade with state certfied clean backfill.

In the case of a tank abandonment, Preferred Tank Services follows similar steps to that of a removal. It differs in the final stages. In an abandonment, we fill the tank with 3/8' stone upon the approval from the local inspector. The opening of the tank is then closed and the excavation is backfilled to grade.


Preferred Tank Services is fully qualified in removing or abandoning state regulated storage tanks. If your commercial property is regulated under the LSRP program and/or the Industrial Site Remediation Act (ISRA), we can assist in closing out your project with all the appropriate sampling and site investigation. We can assist you in preparing the correct documentation for you regulating state agency.


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